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Complete and simple

Kirio is the only smart home system designed to manage your whole home with one hub from one app. It's simple to install by your builder. It's simple to control with the Kirio Smart App.

Kirio connects and controls all devices and systems in your home

Kirio works with virtually with any device or system, both wired and wireless.

Kirio built-in sensors


Air conditioning

Lighting systems

Security systems


Door locks

Garage door openers

Energy management

Water and gas management


Window coverings



Sprinkler systems

Indoor Air Quality sensors


Ventilation systems

Voice control


Cloud-based services

And so much more...

Please contact your installer with your requirements, or send us your questions to fully appreciate the level of connectivity across technologies and brands Kirio provides.

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Kirio all-in-one Smart App

Remember how we used to juggle a dozen remotes in the living room? Well, now instead of remotes, it’s too many smart home apps. Want to adjust your temperature? You have to open the air conditioner app. Want to program the window shades? Open another app. They all have different interfaces which take times to learn, and it seems like every time you open an app you have to connect to the internet to download an update.
With Kirio you have just one app to control and monitor ALL the systems and devices in your smart home. Easy.

Monitor and control, even away from home

Kirio keeps you up to date on any alerts or activities taking place in your home while you’re away. The Kirio Hub is in constant communication with all of the systems and devices in the home and sends alerts and updates if necessary to the Kirio App.

AutoLearn is the Smart and Auto in smart home automation

Smart home automation should be smart and automated.
Kirio doesn’t just talk to the devices in your home, it also listens, gathering data from inside and outside your home to automatically adjust settings to make your smart home more comfortable, personalized, and efficient. No programming is required.

Common sense automation

Kirio knows that smart homes need to start with common sense. A Kirio smart home ensures that basic home automation works right every time, like turning on the lights if a smoke detector goes off, opening the garage door as you enter your driveway, turning off lights if no one is in the room. These actions happen without any programming or even opening the app.

Kirio is secure

Without security and trust, no technology can effectively manage our homes. Every device manufacturer promises the highest level of security until a hack or data breach occurs.

Kirio is different.

Kirio secures all your data within your home and anonymizes it to our servers only if you elect to use the convenience of remote access and AutoLearn, by connecting to the Internet. We use the most secure data encryption methodologies, along with Kirio’s unique pairing system. This system doesn’t ask for an email address, phone number, or physical address. In fact, no personal information is needed to become a Kirio user. This unique benefit allows any data Kirio does collect, to be completely anonymous.