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Why Kirio

Kirio learns from you

Every time you open your fridge, forget to turn off the lights, or crank up the heat in the middle of the night, Kirio’s AutoLearn® technology is learning how you can live better. Kirio manages multiple systems from different brands so you are always assured they will all work together.

Why Kirio

Kirio saves you money

Kirio connects all your home systems and creates an innovative local network to maximize your comfort while optimizing your electric, gas, and water use. Thanks to Kirio every single system is now aware of the other.

Why Kirio

Kirio keeps you safe

Kirio was designed to protect you, your family, and your home. It has motion sensors to trigger a water or gas shut off if a natural catastrophe is imminent. It will alert you using the systems you already own. And because Kirio does not require any active Internet or network connectivity, in case of disruption, the system remains fully operational.

Why Kirio

Kirio is secure

Kirio is more secure than your local network. So if someone hacks your Wi-Fi or local network, your locks and lights will remain protected. And Kirio never requires any personal information.

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Simply beautiful

Brains and beauty. The Kirio Smart Home Hub is sleek and discreet, without keypads or screens to interrupt your space.
The Kirio Hive Hex shape is inspired from nature to bring an organic, efficient and stylish shape inside your home. It blends in so you can do what you normally do without being distracted by a device.

Works with wired and wireless devices from a growing number of brands

Simple, yet elegant control from the Kirio Smart App for Android and iOS

Packed with sensors to understand your environment, weather and building motion

Easy, secure and anonymous pairing between Kirio Smart Hub and Kirio Smart App

Learns your living and usage patterns to automatically adjust your comfort, convenience, and efficiency

Makes Amazon Echo even smarter by enabling voice control of Kirio

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Wireless: ZWave, simultaneous Bluetooth, 6LoWPAN, Zigbee, 2 software radio based on 802.15.4

Digital Inputs: 8, up to 50V, 4ms response time, 500V isolation

Digital Outputs: 8, up to 50V at 2.5A for both inductive and resistive loads

Analog Inputs: 6, selectable voltage up to 48v, 4-20mA current loop, analog pulse and PWM

Analog Outputs: 2 PWM up to 35V, 250kHz, 16-bit resolution

Multi-Standard Serial Ports: 7, 2 RS485/RS422, 4 RS232 up to 10 Mbps, Dallas 1-wire (One-Wire)

CPU: ARM processor at 1GHz and 768 MB RAM

Storage: 4 GB, up to 11 years of event and data for typical setup

Ethernet: 10/100 MBps

Embedded Sensors: 3-axis magnetometer, 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, barometer, ambient temperature, humidity, 1 port available for analog based sensor

Power: 5V to 40V DC, Max 2 Watts

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer battery capable

Supported technologies: See compatible products, technologies and protocols.

How it works

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Full Control, Full Compatibility

Any brand or device

Kirio connects to a myriad of platforms, devices and sensors. It works with virtually any technology or brand, and its free software updates allow you to easily connect new systems and keep them up to date.
Here is the list of device types and brands Kirio is compatible with.

See Kirio in action

How Kirio Compares

Much more than voice control

Kirio gives you much more than any voice assistant will. It fully controls your home even when you are away. And it learns, so you don't have to keep telling it what to do.

How Kirio Compares

More than solving just one problem

Kirio is much more than a single-solution product. It's not simply fixing something in isolation with yet another app, account and remote control.

It's about integrating everything you have, making it work together and getting it all to improve your life.

How Kirio Compares

A real hub, always available

Existing DIY hubs do not become a part of your home and therefore do not add value to it. And they always need internet connectivity.

Kirio quickly becomes one of the most important parts of your home.

How Kirio Compares

More value for your money

High end "smart home" hubs are very expensive to install and maintain, and require a lot of customization work. They usually focus on speficic features like entertainment and do not provide any actionable recommendation. As a result, they tend to be just another screen on your wall.

Kirio provides all the end to end home integration you need, at much more affordable prices and it is simple enough to be self or professionally installed.

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