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Because the every day matters

Your home in action

Why can’t your house learn about your family and actively manage itself? With Kirio, it can.

Take total control of your home with a single app that unites all your devices.


One app, total control

Say goodbye to an app or one remote control for every device. Say hello to one app for all your devices, systems and appliances. Meet the Kirio App for iPhone and Android.


Combine actions using scenarios

Instantly automate your home the way you want it. You can create scenarios such as vacation mode, movie night, save energy mode, dim all lights or any combination you'd like.

If you are on vacation, set a scenario to turn lights on every now and then, turn off water supply, turn alarm and disconnect all appliances. Then turn the scenario on and off from anywhere.


Improve your energy usage

Dive deeper into your home data to uncover new ways to cut costs and save energy. Reduced energy costs help Kirio pay for itself.


Manage from anywhere

Monitor and manage your home from anywhere in the world. You are not constrained by a voice control system or a panel on your wall.

Continuous improvement

A house that learns from you

As you use Kirio, AutoLearn automatically adjusts to your family routine and takes away the burden of everyday mundane chores. It learns to manage every aspect of your connected home intelligently and automatically.

Every day life

Bringing your home together

If the smoke alarm sounds, the lights should turn on. If you leave the door open, the heat should turn off. With Kirio you won’t have to think about these common sense actions, because they’ll happen before you remember to do them.

And every time you open your fridge, forget to turn off the lights, or crank up the heat in the middle of the night, Kirio’s AutoLearn® technology is learning how to fine-tune around your habits.

Every day life

Welcoming you home

Before you even take your shoes off, Kirio is talking to all your systems. It’s telling the heater to turn up the temp before you hang up your coat, and making sure the door is unlocked as you pull into the driveway — just the way you like.

Every day life

Something wrong?

Never wonder if you closed your doors or gates. Kirio can automatically open and close your doors before you press that button.

Abnormal water and gas usage will also be acted upon either by closing a valve or notifying you. And Kirio will read the status of smoke detectors and CO2 sensors, alert you if needed and take smart steps to protect you and your valuables.

Every day life

It's movie night

It's time for friends and family. So use your Movie scenario, tap your phone to dim the lights and bring together your smart TV or projector, high def video and high res speakers. And don't forget the popcorn!


Powerful Dashboards

Numbers matter. And visuals too. Kirio provides powerful dashboards so you can understand consumptions, trends, what looks right and what doesn't.

What's happening at home?

Track and Manage Kirio

Who’s at the front door? Did I leave the basement heater on (again)? Sometimes, we just need to be reassured that everything is okay.

In a snapshot, get the status of all your connected appliances and devices. See how AutoLearn can detect failing systems. View energy costs and actions that AutoLearn has taken while you were busy at work. The dashboard is customizable to fit your needs and you can refine your home notifications easily.

Securing and Managing Access

Different types of access

Kirio allows everyone in your household to simultaneously share control.

The dashboard allows you to configure access for your nanny or out-of-town friends. You can set an access schedule, limit the type of control each user has within your house, and even set granular control of the devices themselves.

Customize your App Interface and Presets

Kirio Your Way

Maybe Kirio’s default settings don’t work for you. Kirio will fit your life the way you prefer. So configure your mobile experience and adjust AutoLearn — all with your own customized settings.

Security and Safety

Stay in Control

What if your paired mobile phone is lost or falls into the wrong hands? Kirio is prepared when life happens.

The dashboard is where you go to disable your old phone. Simply setup your emergency key, regain control, and always feel safe — even when you’re not home.