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In order to allow our clients to benefit immediately from all that Kirio has to offer, we only work with professional installers. This highly trained network of licensed dealers get homes and office spaces connected efficiently, correctly, and quickly. To make the Kirio experience seamless and built-in, we provide advanced tools for homebuilders and architects to finally bring flexible technology to their projects.

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To understand the process for installing a Kirio in your home, condo or office building, tell us a little more about your project. A local dealer will be contacting you to review your options and get you on your way.

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Kirio’s large library of compatible systems allows you to build with flexibility in mind. Tell us about yourself and we’ll provide access to our design tool Jewel. It allows you to send us request for quotation and track all your Kirio automation projects.
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Our certified installers and dealers have access to their own site, complete with tools, documentation, and simple how-tos. For an in-depth look at the Kirio experience from an installer perspective, visit our Kirio Pro site.

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