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Get started guide

Pre-installed Kirio

Step 1 - Download the Kirio App

On your mobile device, download the Kirio app in the Apple App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android)

Step 2 - Pair the app with your home

No, you don't need to create an account. Your Kirio will be secured paired after pairing.
Open the Kirio app and ensure you are on the same WiFi network where the Kirio device is connected.
The app will find your Kirio and walk you through a short pairing wizard.

Step 3 - Start controling and customizing your home!

That's it!
All of the hard work was already done by your builder and installer.
On the Kirio dashboard, you will find all your rooms and all the devices you can control.
Go ahead and rename the rooms (swipe left) and make sure to explore scenarios.

Take your Kirio experience to the next level

Find out how to create advanced scenarios, add and remove devices and more.
And yes, have your family members go through the same pairing and then approve them.
Having trouble? Please connect with our support for help.