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Kirio Hub+App

Kirio Smart Home Hub+App connects to any wired or wireless device, system or appliance in your home, integrating with more devices than any other smart home solution available today.

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Complete Home Automation

With Kirio your Smart Home is ready the day you move in. One app controls all your devices, and makes it easy to add new devices, create new scenes, and monitor your home when you’re away.

Why Kirio

Professionally Installed, Affordable for any Home

Kirio is professionally installed, so you won’t spend weeks troubleshooting and programming. Kirio isn’t like high-end home automation systems that cost more than a remodel and lock you into one brand. Plus, there are no ongoing subscription fees.

How it works

Home Automation That Works

Kirio is so much more than just an elegant fixture on your wall. See how the product seamlessly adapts to your modern life, and discover what’s next in the Kirio family.

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