Meet Kirio

Kirio is the first fully open smart home solution that controls virtually any wired or wireless device, system or appliance. It's the future of the smart home and it's here today.

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Welcome home

With Kirio, your smart home is ready the day you move in. One app controls all your devices, and makes it easy to add new devices, create new scenarios, and monitor your home when you’re away.

Why Kirio

Built from the ground up

Kirio Smart Home System enables builders to deliver new homes that are smart from the ground up by controlling modern devices and core systems via a unified smart app.

How it works

Home automation that just works

Kirio Smart Home System finally brings all your devices and appliances together into an integrated solution that's open, easy and very smart. The Kirio Smart App let's you manage and control your entire home effortlessly. Over time, Kirio learns your habits and saves you energy with Kirio's AutoLearn technology.

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