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Bring your home together

Welcome home

Kirio brings your home together to improve your family's lifestyle, health, and security. Kirio learns from your habits to optimize energy use and adds value to your home.

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It's all about you

You probably own many of the appliances and gadgets to which Kirio connects. Discover today how your home can actively and intelligently adapt to you.

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Your home, working for you

No more fumbling with multiple apps, wall panels, and remotes. Kirio gives you consolidated control across many manufacturers and devices like lights, locks, speakers, air quality, energy, solar systems and much more.

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Easy, green, and secure

Kirio is simple enough to be self or professionally installed.
It's the alert brain working in the background to reduce energy waste, automate routines and prevent disasters, even when you're away.
Kirio works locally and stays up even without the Internet.
Your home is your sanctuary. Your privacy is also important: Kirio never requires any personal information.

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