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Meet the App

One App for Everything

Finally, one app to control every smart home device, system and appliance. Introducing Kirio App for iPhone and Android.

One App, Total Smart Home Control

One app for all the devices, appliances and systems in your home.
One app for Android and iOS phones.
One app for access and control, inside and outside your home.

Customize Scenes

Set scenes in minutes, no programming required. The Kirio app walks you through typical routines to get you started, you customize based on your preferences.

Cut Your Energy Bills

The Kirio app makes it easy to keep on eye on energy usage. Monitoring your usage helps you trim costs and gain efficiency.

Kirio Dashboard

Look Deeper for More Savings

Homeowners who want to optimize their smart homes for efficiency turn to the Kirio dashboard to dive deeper into their smart home data to uncover new ways to cut costs and save energy.

What’s happening at home?

Track and Manage Kirio

Who’s at the front door? Did I leave the basement heater on (again)? Sometimes, we just need to be reassured that everything is okay.

In a snapshot, get the status of all your connected appliances and devices. See how AutoLearn can detect failing systems. View energy costs and actions that AutoLearn has taken while you were busy at work. The dashboard is customizable to fit your needs and here you can refine your home notifications easily.

Securing and Managing Access

Manage your Family Access

Kirio allows everyone in your household to simultaneously share control and view your home with new eyes.

The dashboard allows you to configure access for your nanny or out-of-town friends. You can set an access schedule, limit the type of control each user can have within your house, and even granular control of the devices themselves.

Customize your App Interface and Presets

Kirio Your Way

Maybe Kirio’s default settings don’t work for you. Our philosophy is to make Kirio fit your life the way you prefer. So configure your mobile experience and adjust AutoLearn — all with your own customized settings.

Security and Safety

Stay in Control

What if your paired mobile phone is lost or falls into the wrong hands? Kirio is prepared when life happens.

The dashboard is where you go to disable your old phone. Simply setup your emergency key, regain control, and always feel safe—even when you’re not home.